Vector Architect is a lightweight XAML graphics editor.

XAML-based vector graphics are the core graphics used in modern Windows applications, such as desktop WPF applications and Windows Store applications.


A simple UI provides easy access to every tool.

Create shapes, toggle and reorder layers, edit gradients, or pick colors without ever switching windows.

Unrestricted curve editing.

Edit every node of every curve, regardless of whether it came from a shape, a preset image, or custom fonts.



Live gradient selection.

See changes to gradients as you make them, without ever needing to switch windows or click buttons to apply changes.

Use your creations anywhere.

Vector Architect's primary format is .xaml; there are no extra "project" files to keep around. The master file you save can be used right away in XAML-based applications. For application icons, website images, or any other non-XAML platforms, just export your work to a raster format.



It's over!

Vector Architect had a good run, but individual licenses of Vector Architect are no longer being sold.

Existing Customers: If you purchased Vector Architect in the past, the directions you received to download the latest version will still work properly. Vector Architect continues to work on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.

Licensing: Please email [email protected] if you wish to license the XAML vector-editing control (or the entire application). There are existing licensees, so I cannot offer any exclusive licenses.